Why Should I Sheet Mulch?

If you are like most California residents, you want to reduce your water usage and irrigation, which is a primary source of water demand. Well there is a way to convert your lawn without breaking the bank or your back! Transform your lawn into a Bay-Friendly garden. They are easy to maintain, use less water, require less chemical fertilizers and pesticides and save energy.

Sheet mulching is an easy method to replace your lawn without tearing it out or using herbicides. It’s an innovative technique of using cardboard or newspaper on top of your lawn, allowing you to plant into it.

How do I Start?

You can start by replacing a part of your lawn, a little bit at a time. No heavy equipment needed! It can be completed in a day depending on the size of area you are covering.

Laying cardboard or newspaper over an existing lawn and topping it off with wood mulch. The layers break down naturally to feed the soil with microbes, creating a vibrant ecosystem which gives you healthier soil and plants.

It’s an ideal way to suppress weeds, build your soil health and replace lawns.

The best time is in the fall to take advantage of the rains but it can be done anytime of year.

Convert your lawn to a beautiful low-water landscape

Download a simple 2-page brochure from Bay Friendly Landscaping & Gardening and get started! Also visit rescapeca.org/

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Watch the How To Video on Sheet Mulching

Hosting a neighborhood sheet mulch party to remove your lawn makes it even easier. This toolkit from Stopwaste.org will help guide you through the necessary steps for hosting a successful sheet mulch party.

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